Spa Parish Council to hold talks with ELDC


Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa will hold talks with officers from East Lindsey District Council in a bid to solve on-going planning issues.

The idea for a meeting has been put forward following various bids by developers which have targeted Woodhall for large-scale housing developments.

That, in turn, has prompted concerns from councillors and residents that the ‘unique character’ of Woodhall - a popular tourist destination - is under threat.

There are also fears the village infra-structure - including health and schools - could not cope with another influx of new homes.

The latest application - for 49 homes off Tattershall Road - was discussed at the monthly meeting of the parish council last Tuesday evening.

Several residents attended the meeting, along with a representative of developers - the Witham Trading Company.

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell confirmed councillors had agreed to support the application - but with several ‘caveats’.

She said: “Councillors didn’t necessarily think the application was perfect and there were number of concerns raised.”

Mrs Bushell confirmed that as a result of discussions re surrounding the application, councillors felt a meeting with planners at ELDC was the best way forward.

She added: “It does seem that the council is having to deal with an increasing number of applications for new homes.

“It is not that we are against expansion but any development needs to be of the right design - and in the right location.

“We hope a meeting with ELDC will give everyone a better understanding of what is a very complex issue.”

Ward district councillor Craig Leyland, chairman of ELDC’s planning policy committee, offered to arrange the meeting. He described it as an ‘excellent idea’.