Slippery slabs are a danger to public claim councillors

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Town councillors in Horncastle have worked themselves into a right lather over the slippery state of paving slabs in the Market Place.

Councillors say the limestone slabs are dangerous - because they are uneven and slippery.

The council previously wrote to East Lindsey District Council pointing out their concerns and warning the slabs are “an accident waiting to happen.”

However, an officer at ELDC has written back, saying they don’t consider them to be a hazard.

As a result, the town council plans to contact a higher-ranking official at ELDC, asking for action to be taken.

They are also calling for ELDC to carry out a ‘slippery’ test in an attempt to support their claims.

Coun Fiona Martin, speaking at the monthly town council meeting, said the state of the slabs had been an issue for several years.

She added that apart from safety reasons, many of the slabs were in a damaged state.

Mayor Coun Sandra Campbell-Wardman said she understood ELDC had the capacity to test how slippery the slabs are.

She added: “They (the slabs) look a mess and are dangerous. They are slippery.

“We need someone to come out and do a proper test before someone is injured in an accident.”

Coun Matthew Wilkinson said he believed the slabs needed replacing but admitted a lack of funding was a potential problem.

Meanwhile, councillors backed plans to restrict the number of advertising banners appearing on the bridge railing in the Bull Ring

There is concern a number of out-of-town events and businesses are being advertised.

Now, anyone wanting to display a banner on the railings will have to get permission from the town council and fill in the appropriate form.

Only banners promoting local events and charities will be allowed. Banners will be allocated a specific time period. If they are not removed, there will be a charge to take them down.

Coun Bill Aron said the system was being abused.

The new scheme will work in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council and could be extended to other locations.