Skate park plan could hinge on ‘transfer’ talks

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Latest news.

Hopes of a new skate park in Horncastle could hinge on the outcome of talks between the town council and East Lindsey District Council over a potential transfer of assets.

The district council is considering handing over a number of assets to town and parish councils across the district.

Those assets include areas of land, building and even car parks - all currently owned by ELDC.

Town councillors in Horncastle have identified a new skate park and children’s recreation area as a major project for the future .

A working group of town councillors initally identified several possible sites and are understood to favour one in particular.

Although no details have been revealed, I understand the favoureds site is on ELDC-owned land.

The working group will present a series of recommendations to a full meeting of the town council in November.

The site could form part of on-going asset transfer negotiations with ELDC.

Another working group is involved in the actual negotiations and has drawn up a list of assets the town council could be interested in taking on.

It is thought the list includes The Wong and the town’s riverbanks currently under ELDC ownership.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge said he was keen to see the banks on the rivers Bain and Waring improved.

Coun Burbidge said: “We want to try and make the banks look far more acceptable - and accessible. They would be a much better asset for the town.”

In particular, the town council is keen to improve the Coronation Walk area by adding more seating.

•Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa are also holding discussions with ELDC about an asset transfer.

It could involve the parish council taking on responsbility for Royal Square and the village public toilets .

The parish council had also expressed an interest in taking over an area of land on Mill Lane owned by ELDC.

Howeverm, parish council chairman Coun David Clarke said he understood the land had been ‘removed from the negotiation table’ by ELDC.