Signs are helping to tackle speeding concerns in Spa

Is speed an issue in Woodhall Spa? EMN-160509-122418001
Is speed an issue in Woodhall Spa? EMN-160509-122418001

Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa believe speeding might not be as big an issue on some local roads as residents fear.

During the last 12 months, the council has helped set up ‘reactive’ signs in four different locations - two on Witham Road, one on Tattershall Road and one on Horncastle Road.

All four locations are in 30mph or 40mph zones.

The decision to introduce the signs followed complaints from residents that many vehicles were exceeding the speed limit.

However, in their latest village newsletter, councillors report that all the data from the signs suggest most people pass through ‘at about’ the speed limit.

The council describes the figures as ‘encouraging’.

It says the average speed above the limits is around 5mph which they say is ‘less than might be expected’.

The council admits some of the data might by ‘skewed’ because, at the time the Witham Road signs were introduced, there was a reduction in the speed limit because of resurfacing work.

They also point out that a van often parked near the sign on Witham Road could have affected the data as it slows down other vehicles.

Apart from speed, the signs record the number of vehicles and at what time of day.

The council adds the information from the signs could be used to support requests for speed limits to be altered.

The council says: “From the data, we can see average speeds, maximum speeds and flow rates.

“The long-term plan is to gather all the data over a number of periods to see if there is anything that can be used to support approaches to Lincolnshire County Council Highways to renew the speed limits in the village.”

It is understood data could also be used to support or object to planning applications.

An increase in the number of vehicles using a particular road close to a development area could influence a planning decision.

In addition to reactive signs - which flash a message to motorists - the council has a number of ‘passive’ signs that remind drivers of the speed limit.

Again, the passive signs will be sited at different locations in the village.

Data from the signs will be available to view on the parish council website.