She’s the woman who helps keep RAF Coningsby safe

Flit Lt Sara Daunton with one of her vehicles at Royal Air Force Coningsby. EMN-160125-152102001
Flit Lt Sara Daunton with one of her vehicles at Royal Air Force Coningsby. EMN-160125-152102001

RAF Coningsby is ‘home’ to some of the most important - and expensive - fighter aircraft in the world.

However, there’s a vital team working at the base to ensure every single part of the operation passes without a hitch.

One key member of that team - Flight Lieutenant Sara Daunton, who is the Officer Commanding Police and Security Flight - has revealed an insight into what she does.


“I am currently serving as Officer Commanding Police and Security Flight at RAF Coningsby, home of the Quick Reaction Alert Fighters (QRA).

“Part of the QRA mission is to protect UK airspace and my job is to support this mission by providing both a policing and security service to the station.

“This could involve the investigation of offences committed by service personnel, providing a community policing service to our families and providing crime prevention advice and guidance.

“We are not responsible solely for policing; in fact, that’s only one aspect of the job. Our other role is to provide security – of aircraft, people and information.

“We also protect classified data – computer security in particular is a rapidly expanding and challenging field.

“In addition, we’re responsible for security education – making people aware of any threats and ensuring, for example, that no sensitive information is divulged over the telephone.

“As a Police Officer you will generally have a large number of people under your command and you are responsible for their welfare, career development and ensuring that daily operations run smoothly.

“It’s a big responsibility at an early stage in your career but you will be supported by those under your command and by your own leadership.

“No day is the same and there is no telling what each day may bring!


“My day starts by reviewing any incidents that occurred the night before, allocating the resources required to deal with the incident and reporting to the relevant departments.

“If something serious has happened I will inform the Station Commander and advise him on his courses of action.

“I oversee all policing and security operations on station and I will check in with my section heads to find out what they are working on and agree what our priorities are for the day.

“As the security subject matter expert I will be asked to provide security advice on a wide range of issues, from Royal visits to overseas exercises to social events and even how we go about filming the BBC’s Antiques Road show here at Coningsby.

“I will also check our ongoing investigation files and provide the lead investigator with any guidance or support they may need.

“I normally fit in a visit to the gym for a circuit training session in the day and often meet up with my fellow junior officers from across the station for lunch or coffee.

“I genuinely feel I make a difference every single day. There is no better feeling.”