Residents urged to return questionnaire

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Residents in Horncastle are being urged to return questionnaires which will help finalise a plan for future development in the town.

Horncasatle is one of the first communities in the county to produce its own neighbourhood plan.

Among a myriad of subjects, it will contain details of potential sites for new housing developments.

Questionnaires have been sent out to every household in the town, part of the all-important process which will see the plan officially adopted.

A spokesman for the Steering Committee behind the plan admitted the response had been slow.

She added: “Over the last two weeks a summary leaflet and questionnaire will have been delivered to every household in the Horncastle parish.

“The leaflet describes the policies, community vision and objectives for the Neighbourhood Development Plan and where the printed copies of the full plan can be viewed.

“The Steering Group now urges residents to complete the questionnaire and return them to Horncastle Library, Perkins Newsagents or Joseph Banks Centre.

“Alternatively, residents can complete the online questionnaire on the website at If you have not received the summary leaflet and questionnaire, copies are available at the Town Council office.”

This is your Plan based on previous responses to questionnaires. Please help the Steering Group to complete the task.