Residents slam council in ‘botched’ pot-hole dispute

The pothole in Stanhope Road
The pothole in Stanhope Road

Fed-up residents have blasted Lincolnshire County Council’s on-going attempts to mend a massive pothole in their street as ‘laughable.’

People living in Stanhope Road say the council has attempted to mend the ten-foot square pothole FOUR times in the last 12 months.

However, they claim the repairs have been ‘botched’ and the pot-hole is worse than ever.

One resident said: “If the Royal Family who were in Australia last week wanted a quick route back, they could come up straight through the pot-hole.

“It is ridiculous and dangerous. ”

Another resident claimed every time workmen turned up, they “scattered some tarmac around, walked over it and then disappeared.”

Within hours, residents claim the repairs are ripped up by the volume of traffic on Stanhope Road.

Residents have already formed a campaign group, calling for the speed limit to be lowered.

They claim the pothole is making things worse.

Another resident added: “Every time a lorry goes over the pothole, you can hear the noise and feel the vibrations in your house.

“It is dangerous for cars and for cyclists. It needs repairing properly.”

Andy Ratcliffe, area highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We are aware of this issue and propose to carry out some repairs later in the year, using a more permanent material than we have in the past.

“With limited resources and a number of pressing issues, including major repairs to the A158 and A52, I can’t give any more details but my team will make regular inspections to make sure the road remains in a safe condition.”