Residents say green light for new homes will be a ‘disgrace’

ELDC headquarters at Manby
ELDC headquarters at Manby

Angry residents have branded a decision by planners to recommend approval for 129 new homes in Horncastle as a “disgrace.”

There has been widespread opposition to the scheme for the homes off Mareham Road.

East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee deferred a final decision on the project after doubts were raised about drainage and traffic issues.

Now, owners of the land have prepared a new report - including updated drainage data.

As a result, planning officers at ELDC are recommending approval.

A final decision will be made tomorrow (Thursday) by ELDC’s planning committee.

Committee member and town Mayor Coun Fiona Martin was strongly opposed to the plan at the last meeting, but said she did not want to comment ahead of tomorrow.

Several residents contacted the News to say they were worried the development would lead to traffic and flooding problems.

They were backed by former town councillor Richard Barker who is adamant the scheme should not go ahead.

He said the fact planning officers were again recommending approval was a disgrace.

Mr Barker, who chaired the town council’s planning committee before resigning, said: “There might be a new report but there has always been an issue with drainage with regard to Thunker’s Drain and that still remains.

“Where will all the surface water go? We know the drains in Horncastle already struggle to cope - without even more homes.

“There are other issues, not least traffic. The county council are proposing Foundry Street and Queen Street as possible alternative routes.

“Both those streets are supposedly residents only, so it shows how much thought the county council has put into this.”

One resident, who lives in a house overlooking the site, said: “People have aways been opposed to the homes but they (the council) just seem to want it to go ahead.

“It is a fiasco, a disgrace. If it goes through, it makes you wonder why we ever bothered objecting.”

Town councillor Matthew Wilkinson will attend tomorrow’s meeting to speak against the proposal.

Planning officers stress strict conditions will be attached to any outline approval.