Residents plead: ‘Give us a roundabout to ease jams’

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-180730-102316001

More people are backing calls for a new roundabout at a notorious Horncastle road junction in preference to ploughing tens of millions of pounds into a bypass.

The News revealed how a resident had told leading officials from the County Council at a meeting that a roundabout would ease congestion at the junction of the A158 and A153.

The resident, who did not give his name, said his idea would keep traffic flowing - and save the millions a bypass would cost.

His suggestion was shot down by officers and Richard Davies, the authority’s Executive Councillor for Highways.

They admitted the traffic lights at the junction could not cope with the volume of traffic but were adamant a bypass was the only solution.

They were supported by town mayor Coun Brian Burbidge who said even if room could be found at a bypass at the junction, vehicles travelling along the A158 would ignore it, adding to delays on the (A153). Pedestrian crossings were another issue.

However, more than 30 people have contacted the News to say they supported the idea of a roundabout.

Alan Schofield said: “A roundabout must be worth a go. It could be years before a bypass is built - if at all.

“I’ve sat in the jams on Boston Road this summer and there’s no wonder people are using residential street as a rat run.”

Stephen Green added: “A ten minute journey into town can take 40 minutes.

“Has anyone asked local people what they’d like. A roundabout could work.

Jean Turner, who lives in Wragby, also supported the idea.

She said that since a mini-roundabout was introduced at the junction of the A157 and A158 in Wragby, delays had been slashed.

Mrs Turner added: “We own a business in Mablethorpe and when we drove back to Wragby, the last couple of miles about take 45 minutes.

“It was like hell on earth, especially at weekends and Bank Holidays. They put in a roundabout and it is a lot better. There’s the same amount of traffic - if not more - but rarely any delays.”

Mrs Turner accepted there were still delays on the A158 in the Wragby area but said they were due to the traffic lights in the Market Place.

Like Horncastle, Wragby is one of the traffic ‘hot spots’ targeted for improvements as part of plans to build a Coastal Highway. The multi million pound project is designed to improve access to the coast and the Wolds, attracting fresh investment and delivering a boost to the region’s economy.