Residents in Woodhall Spa urged to report road issues


Residents in Woodhall Spa are celebrating after repair work finally started this week to one of the region’s most criticised roads.

Backed by parish councillors, residents have been calling for improvements to Witham Road for several months.

There have been claims that potholes - combined with major building work in the area - has left large areas of the road surface in what has previously been described a shocking condition.

Contractors arrived on Monday and are expected to spend most of the week improving the surface.

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell admitted there would be some disruption but urged residents to be patient.

She said: “People have been complaining about the poor state of Witham Road for a long time and I’m sure everyone will welcome the fact that work has started.”

The repairs are the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council.

The authority recently received extra funding from central Government to help with the massive road repair bill.

Mrs Bushell said the entire road was not being repaired because of financial restrictions.

Instead, contractors are concentrating on a stretch from the junction with King Edward Road to the local petrol station.

Resident Paul Collins welcomed the fact work had started.

He said: “I must drive up and down Witham Road half a dozen times a day and if there’s a worse road in Lincolnshire I’ve yet to see it.

“Some of the potholes are shocking and I know people who have damaged their cars because of them.

“It’s a shame the whole road isn’t being repaired.

“I just hope the repairs are done properly because the number of lorries now using Witham Road is ridiculous.”