Residents’ fears over even more new homes - Horncastle in danger of becoming a ‘concrete jungle’

Checking it out: Councillor Bill Aron studies the plans for the site of the potential Lindum Homes development in Horncastle
Checking it out: Councillor Bill Aron studies the plans for the site of the potential Lindum Homes development in Horncastle

Residents in Horncastle have revealed their concerns about the impact two new housing developments will have on their lives.

Representatives from the Brackenbury Trust and Lindum Homes attended a meeting of the Town Council’s planning committee.

The Trust has already submitted an application to East Lindsey District Council for up to 75 homes on land to the west of Brackenbury Close.

Lindum Homes are in the process of drawing up plans for up to 100 new homes on a site between Winceby Gardens and Thunker’s Drain.

The two schemes come amid growing concern about the number of developments being targeted for Horncastle.

Residents living close to both proposed developments attended the committee meeting.

They expressed fears that more homes would put too much pressure on front-line services - including doctors, schools, drainage and transport.

Representatives from the Trust and Lindum Homes said their proposals would include Section 106 agreements.

The agreements generate funds to improve local services.

However, there are claims money designated for Horncastle from previous developments has not been spent on the town.

And, as revealed in last week’s News, there is anger that £248,700 - supposedly to boost facilities at the town’s only medical practice - has been lost because of an ‘administrative oversight’.

Speaking at the meeting, one resident said she had been unable to get a place for her two children at the town’s nursery school.

She said the primary school was already struggling to cope with increases in pupil numbers and the committee was told Banovallum School was “oversubscribed.”

Another resident added: “As a parent, I am worried about what is happening with our schools.

“If all these developments go ahead, where will our children be educated. The system is already struggling.”

Similar concerns were expressed about medical services while councillors serving on the committee agreed with comments about the pressure new homes would put on the town’s drainage system.

The Lindum Homes scheme is adjacent to a development at Mareham Road which has received permission for 127 new homes, after a lengthy planning battle.

That has sparked fears Thunker’s Drain will not cope with any additional run-off.

Speaking for Lindum Homes, Robert Duggleby and Martin Foster, revealed the company expected to build 25 to 30 homes at the Winceby Gardens site over the next three to four years.

The company already has permission for a smaller scheme of affordable housing off Wesley Way.

They said they were “very aware” of concerns about the impact on schools, medical facilities, drainage and transport.

However, they said there was a need for additional housing in Horncastle and that Section 106 money “would be spent in the town.”

Pete Harness and Nick Grace, who represented the Brackenbury Trust, stressed their plans would generate funds which would improve the town’s infrastructure.

Mr Harness said he and his family have lived in the town for many years and were confident their proposals would benefit Horncastle.

Owners of existing properties spoke about a loss of ‘privacy, claiming the new homes were too close to their houses.

There were also complaints that the site was a hill-top development and would also lead to traffic problems.

However, Mr Harness said the application was for outline permission and the final design of the development - and individual properties - would change. He pointed out bungalows would be built on the highest part of the site.