Report a scam to Lincolnshire Trading Standards and win


Lincolnshire Trading Standards is offering residents the chance to 
win a gadget that can crush cold-calling – if you 
report a scam that you have been a victim of, or nearly fell for.

Residents could win a trueCall machine worth £120 if they report a scam 
to Trading Standards by June 6.

It comes as the county council service urges more people to report scams to help prevent residents from being duped.

Last year, 352 county residents reported a scam, although many more may have been caught out.

From the reports, the ones that generated the most complaints include scammers falsely claiming they work for a PPI company, a bank, a major computer firm or a solar panel business.

There has also been an increase in copycat websites that can easily trick consumers into thinking they are ordering a new passport or renewing their driving license on an official website.

To enter the competition, call 08454 040506.