Proposal made to name streets after former town councillors


New streets on a development in Horncastle could be named after former town councillors following a discussion at last week’s town council meeting.

Waterloo Housing, developers of the new homes off N’Dola Drive, asked the council to propose two street names with the others to be decided in a competition held with local schools.

It was unanimously decided that a suggestion of naming the streets after former councillors Steve Newton and Ann Wayne following their deaths last year.

Council Chairman Sandra Campbell-Wardman said: “Ann and Steve died whilst in office and they were hard working players on a lot of committees.

“They worked so hard for us and were highly respected by the town.

“They deserve to have a street named after them. It would be a fitting tribute.”

There are also plans in future to have a street named after Jack Simpson who was also a long-serving member of the council.

Mr Simpson died last year at the age of 88 but had previously served on the council for 40 years before standing down in 2007.

In the meeting Councillor Bill Aron proposed that a street be named after his Great-Grandfather, but the council agreed that it would be more fitting at this current time to name the streets after the two councillors.

The council are also inviting members of the public to put forward their suggestions for names of streets which will be built as part of new developments.

If you have any suggestions for people who streets should be named after please contact town clerk Gillian Mauger on with the name of the person and a brief background on their history in the town.