Precept increase set to help repair verges in Woodhall Spa

Damaged verges in Woodhall Spa.
Damaged verges in Woodhall Spa.

Woodhall Spa Parish Council has increased its precept by two per cent for the coming financial year.

At their monthly meeting last Tuesday, councillors voted for a precept of £72,084,34.

The precept is the amount the council needs to provide services and cover other items of expenditure, including staff costs.

The increase means the parish share of Council Tax bills is set to increase in 2018 - but by pence rather than pounds.

Parish clerk Joann Greer explained exact figures were still being finalised.

And, of course, bills will increase much more when the county council, district council and police elements are added in.

Details should be announced next month.

Mrs Greer said the increase would help the parish council make a contribution to long-awaited repairs to some of the village’s badly damaged grass verges.

She explained Lincoln County Council’s Highways department had inspected the verges but had intimated they did not have money in their budget to pay for repairs themselves.

Mrs Greer explained the County Council had asked whether the Parish Council would be prepared to make a contribution.

The verges in several location have been damaged by parked vehicles. One of the worst areas is Coronation Road.

Mrs Greer said: “The verges should be a feature of the village, but a lot of them are an eyesore.”

It is not known what the cost of repairs will be - or what course of action can be taken to stop damage reoccurring.

Meanwhile, Mrs Greer said the precept increase also covered the possibility the Parish Council have to take on more services because of county and district council cuts.