Police called in over vile smear campaign targeting UKIP candidate

Colin Mair surveys the dangerous road just outside Coningsby EMN-150119-143233001
Colin Mair surveys the dangerous road just outside Coningsby EMN-150119-143233001

UKIP’s General Election candidate Colin Mair has called in police over what he claims is a “vile and evil” smear campaign.

Mr Mair has been linked with sickening homophobic and racial abuse on a website and fake Twitter account for the last two weeks.

Initially, Mr Mair - who is also a County Councillor - opted not to take any official action.

However, he turned to the police last Friday after he says the content on the website became even worse.

Mr Mair told the News: “The latest abuse is vile - absolutely sickening.

”It is nasty, nasty stuff and enough is enough.

“I didn’t take any action at first but this is now in serious damage of causing me harm.

“Yes, right-thinking people will know I’m not responsible for this but I shouldn’t have to put up with it.

“It’s disgusting.”

Although the website does not say the content is actually written by Mr Mair, his name and a photograph of him appears at the top of the page.

He added: “If you type ‘Colin Mair PPC’ into a search engine, this stuff comes up.

“The indication is that I’m responsible for the content or at the very least that I agree with it.

“Nothing could be further for the truth. I don’t associate with these views in any way, shape or form.”

Mr Mair said the website had been taken down after complaints to UKIP’s headquarters.

However, he said the site appeared again - but the content was much worse.

The severe nature of the content - including images - cannot be printed in the News.

He refused to blame any rival parties or candidates but said he had been left with no alternative but to report the matter to police.

Coun Mair said: “Anyone who knows me will know these aren’t my views.

“The trouble is in a General Election, you can’t hope to know every voter.

“I don’t want anything thinking I share this type of view.

“I have no idea why I am the target.

“Perhaps it’s because we (UKIP) are doing so well.

“I would not - and could not - pin this down to any of my opponents.

“I’ve had lots of messages of sympathy and support but now it’s a getting ridiculous.”

Mr Mair said he had no idea about the latest link until a representative of “Pink News” contacted him for an interview about his comments.

He added: “It is annoying because I’m having to waste a lot of time dealing with this when there are more important things.

“I do have a Twitter account but I haven’t posted anything on it for weeks.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “We can confirm we have received a complaint which we are investigating.”