Planning chief says he’s quit as town councillor

Richard Barker
Richard Barker

A maverick member of Horncastle Town Council has resigned.

The News has been handed a copy of Richard Barker’s resignation letter, which he submitted to councillors on Tuesday.

In his letter, Mr Barker claims he has been “marginalised and ignored” by a small majority of councillors who had kept him off two of the three main committees.

He says he had to endure through spurious complaints - which were all dismissed as ill founded - and a seven month investigation which totally exonerated him.

He adds: “I am not prepared to accept this short-sighted and bigoted approach and suffer the complaints that have dogged my first two years.

“I have more important things to contribute to in the wider community.”

Mr Barker says the town council has a “poor standing” in Horncastle and claims leading members often have a conflict of interests because of their roles as district and county councillors.

Mr Barker, who was chairman of the planning and development committee, says it is time for “new blood’ and fresh thinking.”