Parking plan for Woodhall

Parking plan for Woodhall Spa
Parking plan for Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa Parish Council is launching a pioneering car parking project to ease congestion in the centre of the village and boost business.

Already, 32 local businesses have signed up to the “You Park, We Walk’ scheme which will cover The Broadway and Station Road.

The scheme - run in conjunction with the Chamber of Trade - is designed to encourage business owners and workers to park away from the village centre.

The council says that will free up short-term car parking places for residents and visitors.

Parish councillor Rich Sanderson, who heads a working group looking to tackle parking issues, said he believed the idea would be a success.

He explained: “The Broadway and Station Road are the two busiest places in Woodhall Spa and often it’s not possible to park outside the shops.

“One of the reasons for this is that shop owners - and shop workers - park there all day.

“Residents and visitors wanting to use the shops don’t have anywhere to park and simply say ‘We can’t be bothered’ - and go elsewhere.

“Businesses are losing money because of this.”

Coun Sanderson said one shop owner had experimented by parking outside his own business until 10am.

He then moved his car to another location and the space he had occupied was used by 17 different vehicles during the rest of the day.

Coun Sanderson added: “The occupants of those vehicles will spend money in the shops so it is a win, win situation.”

Several businesses have already agreed to back the scheme and Coun Sanderson is hoping others will come forward.

Businesses that do sign up will display a poster, featuring a white letter ‘P’ on a blue background.

Coun Sanderson added: “There seems to be support for this and we need to do something.

“We can’t stop the people who park and then go off to Lincoln on the bus shopping all day, but we can free up some places.

“The last thing we want in Woodhall Spa is any step towards parking enforcement.”