Opposition mounts against Horncastle housing plans as Sir Peter Tapsell takes up the cause


Horncastle MP Sir Peter Tapsell has thrown his weight behind campaigners battling to stop major new housing developments in the town.

Sir Peter told MPs he thought the proposals for hundreds of new homes would destroy a “happy community”.

His concerns come as Richard Barker, chairman of Horncastle Town Council’s planning and development committee, is pressing for a meeting with planners at East Lindsey District Council.

Sir Peter said: “In my constituency, there is the deepest cross-party concern about developers’ proposals.

“What everybody is asking is where are the jobs, the hospital beds and the policemen to be found for such a project which will in fact destroy a happy community.”

Sir Peter accepted there is an acute shortage of housing in many parts of the country because of what he termed the “lamentable failure” of the previous Government to build sufficient houses and what most people regard as “excessive immigration”.

In reply to Sir Peter, Kris Hopkins, MP, Minister for Housing at Communities and Local Government, said the issues needed to be brought up at a local level.

He said: “The way to address the issues is to get a strong local plan.”

Coun Barker welcomed Sir Peter’s intervention amid claims more than 800 new homes could be built in Horncastle.

Coun Barker said: “We need to present a united front against these applications which are speculative, premature and sheer profiteering.”

He went on to say he wanted a meeting with ELDC to discuss why planning officers had backed a scheme for 129 new homes at Mareham Road - despite admitting they had concerns about figures supplied by developers with regard to drainage.

Coun Barker described the current planning process as a “lottery” and “unacceptable.”