No helicopter means no Sir Peter Tapsell

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Louth and Horncastle MP Sir Peter Tapsell has been described as “the best Chancellor of the Exchequer the Conservatives never had”.

The plaudit comes from Great Grimsby’s Labour MP, Austin Mitchell, in Calendar Boy - the newly-published book about his own pre-parliamentary career as a TV presenter.

Occasionally, Sir Peter, a stockbroker, was invited to be a studio guest on the political show, Calendar Sunday where, according to Mitchell, he was always “more generous with his advice on stocks and shares than with the parliamentary gossip we were keen to hear.”

He continues: “Tapsell posed a problem. Horncastle is a long taxi ride from Leeds, and he would only come to 
the studio if he could be brought in the company helicopter.

“We agreed to do this several times until the managing director’s wife decided that the helicopter was better employed on Friday taking her to Harrods to shop.

“No helicopter, no Tapsell”