Multi-million pound plan set to boost Spa

An artist's impression of how the Spa Baths sitre might look after landscaping work has been completed
An artist's impression of how the Spa Baths sitre might look after landscaping work has been completed

Multi-million pound baths plan set to boost Woodhall Spa

The baths would be at the centre of the re-development which would also feature a third screen at the award-winning Kinema in the Woods.

The baths before development and a map of the car parking plan (above)

The baths before development and a map of the car parking plan (above)

The key to the project - which would also involve a new-look bowling green capable of staging top tournaments - is securing land for car parks.

The renovation of the once internationally renowned baths - which have been closed since 1983 - is being spearheaded by local company GN Construction.

Company spokesman Geoff Cull revealed details of the entire ‘package’ which he believes will give a massive boost to the area’s economy.

Mr Cull also confirmed a new housing development - off Coronation Walk - could be included in the plans, but only as a last resort.

Mr Cull was reluctant to put a figure on the entire re-development but said it could be in the region of £3.5m to £4.5m.

He also confirmed Woodhall Spa’s hotels and other businesses were backing the project, along with other influential groups and organisations, including the Heritage Committee, the Cottage Museum, Coronation Hall and the National Trust.

Mr Cull said: “It’s not just about the Spa Baths although obviously they hold the key to the entire project.

“We are talking about a much bigger picture, one that really will put Woodhall Spa on the map.

“We are talking major investment, a significant boost to the local and regional economy and, not least, much needed jobs. The spin-offs would be huge.”

Mr Cull admitted he understood “scepticism” about the possibility of new housing being included.

However, he said it was important to raise funding to support new car parks which could cost in the region of £200,000.

He added: “We are looking at grant funding but it would essentially be a commercial venture so that closes a lot of doors, including the lottery.

”There’s still a chance we could raise the money through grants but if not, then developing a small area of land could be the answer.

“However, it is very much the last resort and I want to make that very clear.

“The car parking, is the key. Without that, it (the redevelopment) will never get planning permission.”

It is understood that the baths’ re-development - and the expansion of the Kinema - would generate a need for about 200 new parking places, the vast majority for the Kinema.

Mr Cull stressed parking in the area was already “chaotic” and said other businesses and house owners would benefit.

He revealed ELDC was “broadly supportive” of plans which would create a new ‘figure eight’ style car park, immediately to the Stixwould Road side of the existing Kinema complex.

Mr Cull added tree specialists had prepared reports and stressed the project would not involve cutting down huge swathes of woodland.

He also confirmed the work would tie in with equally impressive plans to renovate the internationally renowned Cato gardens at the Petwood Hotel.

Mr Cull added: “We have held talks with the various hotels in Woodhall Spa and they are very excited about the plans.

“We have spoken to a lot of other groups and organisations. We have not kept anyone in the dark.

“We have - and will continue to be - very open and honest. We want everyone else to share our dream.”