Mixed reaction to plans for 100s of homes in Horncastle

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Residents and visitors in Horncastle have given a mixed reaction to plans which could eventually see hundreds of new homes built in the town.

The News spoke to more than 40 people at the town’s market day.

Many were cautious about the impact so many new homes would have on the town’s infrastructure.

They expressed concerns about flooding, schools and the NHS.

However, several said the town needed new homes to spark new investment and improved services.

Their views come as the News can reveal another potential site for new homes in the town is for sale.

The latest proposals are for a 5.43 acre site at Woodcock Lane, close to the The Sidings.

It’s is being marketed by Willsons Estate Agents who are asking for offers in excess of £600,000.

Willsons say the land is classed as suitable for development in East Lindsey District Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.

Jean Slater, who lives close to the proposed site, said: “I’m not against new homes but enough is enough.

“There’s Langton Hill, Louth Road, Mareham Road and now this.

“There are already enough houses for sale without adding even more.”

Mum of three Sarah Taylor said: “The schools are nearly full and so are the doctors and dentists.

“I know people whose house flooded a couple of years ago.

“There’s the drains, the roads. I say keep Horncastle as it is.”

David Metcalfe countered: “I don’t think the town could cope with six or seven hundred new houses, but it needs something to bring it to life.

“The place is dying. We need new and better schools - and better roads. We need more jobs. I’d love to see new shops - and new supermarket.”

Abby Taylor added: “I’m 19 and there’s nothing to keep people my age in Horncastle. There’s no jobs - nothing.

“The town needs a kick up the backside. If they build the new homes, they’ll have to improve the services.”

Aaron Goodyear did not agree. He said: “The appeal of places like Horncastle is they are traditional market towns. If people want to live in a bigger place then move to Lincoln.

“The landowners are just out to make quick money.”