Meeting to discuss wind farm scheme


Residents in Bardney will be invited to a public meeting to discuss the ramifications of one of the country’s biggest wind farms being built, almost on their doorsteps.

Vattenfell, a Swedish company, is looking to secure permission to erect between 17 and 23 turbines at Nocton Fen.

The turbines would be visible from miles around.

The proposed site, covering nine square kilometres, is on the opposite bank of the River Witham to Bardney.

However, the village is thought to be one of the closest communities to the development.

Now, parish councillors in Bardney are planning to call a public meeting to debate the issue.

Chairman Coun Charles Shaw said it was ‘right and proper’ to listen to all sides in the issue.

He added: “We have discussed the wind farm at parish council meetings but we feel a public meeting is the way ahead.

“As a council, we are aware there are a number of concerns.

“However, it is only right for all sides to air their views. It might be that not everyone is against it.”

A date and venue for the meeting is due to be announced shortly.