Make a difference and join Horncastle Town Council


Residents will have the chance to join Horncastle Town Council this May - and make a difference to the community where they live.

All 12 seats will become vacant ahead of elections on May 7.

Town clerk Gillian Mauger said: “Getting involved in the local community and helping with local issues is a very worthwhile way of making a contribution to the area in which we live and work.

“Do you have young children or teenagers and are you interested in things that affect their lives?

“Are you concerned about our environment, planning issues, public transport or local housing? Are you interested in local government finances and where all our money goes?

“Do we need more local amenities?

“If you answer yes to one or more of the above questions then rather than sitting back and moaning about local issues, why not stand for election to the Town Council and try and make a difference.”

Anyone wanting to stand must be 18 over.

There are various other requirements, including residential qualifications.

Bankrupts or anyone with a criminal conviction within the last five years may also be barred from putting their name forward.

More information is available by contacting the Town Clerk on 01507 522957 or via

Alternatively, there is a Town Council surgery on Saturday February 21 from 10am until 11am in the library.

A fact sheet about the Town Council - including meetings and committees - is also available.