Mair backs public over Coningsby housing fears

Under pressure -  services are already under pressure in Coningsby
Under pressure - services are already under pressure in Coningsby

A County Councillor has backed residents’ demands for improvements to Coningsby’s infrastructure - before more new houses are built.

Colin Mair, the UKIP leader at County Hall, fears Coningsby is in danger of being “swamped” by hundreds of new homes.

He said he is concerned about the added pressure on roads, medical services and schools.

Residents have also come forward to express their worries after Coun Mair spoke out in last week’s News.

Helen Dawson, of Coningsby, said: “I’ve lived in the area for more than 20-years and it’s been ruined.

“You can’t stop places growing but why can’t other places have the housing?

“The schools are full. The doctors is full and yet they are on about building more houses.

“The roads can’t cope., not when everyone is trying to get away from the RAF base. There’s all the construction traffic. I’m surprised there hasn’t been an accident.”

Alan Townend said he shared the same concerns and also expressed fears about flooding.

He added: “There must be more pressure on the drains. I can’t see how they will cope.”

Sandra Thompson said she thought Coningsby had already been ruined by over-development.

She said: “I’m sure the shops are happy but a lot of other people are complaining.

“The traffic is already really bad and there just aren’t the jobs for all these new people.”

Coun Mair said staff at the doctors surgery were already working in portable accommodation and he doubted whether schools could expand any further.

He called for checks to ensure Section 106 money paid by developers is spent on improving services.

He added: “My fear is it just disappears into the ether and that’s not good enough. We need better roads and services.”