Larkfleet respond to council over Louth Road development


Developers Larkfleet Homes have responded to a comment made by East Lindsey District Council in last week’s Horncastle News.

A spokesman said “The proposed development does not represent a material flood risk, it has a low probability of being flooded and is classified within flood zone 1 which is the lowest category of risk.

“Larkfleet Homes is aware of the importance of reducing flood risk and has commissioned a full drainage strategy to accompany this proposal and the final development will incorporate the appropriate sustainable drainage systems which will limit surface water from the site to greenfield current levels so that it will not increase flood risk elsewhere.

“Larkfleet homes has a track record of supporting the local communities, and one way that we add value to these communities is through the Larkfleet Community Fund.

“For each project we take forward, we will create a community fund, which will be offered to support community benefit projects as determined by the local people.

“The fund will be made up for £500 for each house built up to a maxmum payment of £75,000 for each separate planning permission.”

Larkfleet are proposing to build 80 homes on land off Louth Road in Horncastle.