Labour Party announces candidate for Louth & Horncastle

The Labour Party candidate, Ellie Green.
The Labour Party candidate, Ellie Green.

The Labour Party candidate for Louth & Horncastle in next month’s general election has been revealed.

Ellie Green, who grew up in the constituency village of Chapel St Leonards, says she will be hoping to “raise the profile of our area, highlight locally important issues, and make the case for a transformative Labour government” in the coming weeks.

Ellie attended Skegness Grammar School, and later graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in English Literature, before moving to Louth.

She has worked locally as a library assistant, a retail assistant, a broadcaster, a proof-reader, and as an accounting assistant for Oxfam.

She stood as the Labour candidate for Louth St Mary’s ward in the district council elections earlier this year, and in her spare time away from the campaign trail she enjoys swimming and walking her dog, Barley.

Ellie told this newspaper: “I grew up as the child of teachers and the grandchild of an NHS worker. I’ve seen the importance of a great NHS and education in our country, and I’ve seen how much better off our country is under a Labour government that properly looks after NHS hospitals, staff, patients, schools, teachers and pupils.

“I’ve worked for a Job Centre and seen the hardships caused by Universal Credit; I believe in a fairer, more hands-on system to properly help people get back into work, rather than one that penalises them.

“I want to provide proper protection to our local environment, such as the wonders of our chalk streams, the Lincolnshire Wolds, and the coastal beaches that I grew up with.”

She added: “I’ve seen the divisions caused in our society by Brexit, and I want people to have a real choice: if we leave the EU, it should be with a deal that protects jobs, rights and the environment.”

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