It’s green for go - but only if you pay £25 charge


East Lindsey District Council is urging residents to ‘sign up’ to a new scheme which means they will have to pay to have their green waste collected.

From the end of March, the authority will introduce an annual charge of £25 to empty green bins every two weeks, with a break for Christmas and the New Year.

To utilise the service, residents must either visit a website or call ELDC by telephone.

The council will write up to all users of the services with full details of collection dates.

They will also provide a sticker for bins so collection teams will know who has paid for the service.

In-cab technology in refuse collection vehicles will also store the address of people who have paid.

Anyone who does not pay will have to make their own arrangements for disposing of green waste.

The council stresses the new scheme will save money - and provide a better service.

However, it has attracted strong criticism from residents who, among other concerns, claim it is another form of council tax.

Ian Cooper, who lives in Horncastle, contacted the News to say he had concerns about residents who opted out of the service dumping waste in ‘paid-for’ bins.

He said: “In my street, everyone has a garden but I know for a fact some people either can’t - or won’t pay - the £25.

“If I pay, what’s to stop them dumping their waste in my bin. I can’t keep my eye on it 24 hours a day.”

Pensioner Alice Marshall, said she only had a small garden but had to pay the same charge as neighbours with much bigger plots.

She explained: “It probably takes me a couple of months to fill my bin. They (neighbours) fill it every week. Why should I pay the same?”

Alison Thomas, of Skegness Road, Horncastle, said she was concerned the scheme would lead to even more fly-tipping.

She added: “Even more people will just leave their rubbish at the side of country roads. The council tips are never open when you want them.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said there was still confusion of what items could be placed in green bins.

He added: “Essentially, all that the council will collect is garden waste so it is not a green waste service.

“You can’t put most green waste - including vegetable and potato peelings in green bins.

“I wonder how many people are aware of that?”