Horncastle villages are on ‘Thankful’ list


Two villages near Horncastle are among a handful of settlements across England and Wales that saw all their armed service personnel return from the First World War.

High Toynton and Minting have been named among 53 ‘Thankful Villages’.

Confirmation comes ahead of the commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of start of World War One in 1914.

It has also emerged High Toynton has another reason to celebrate as all their armed services representatives survived the Second World War.

It means the village is one of just 13 in the country that is considered to be ‘doubly thankful.’

The term ‘Thankful Village’ was popularised by the writer Arthur Mee in the 1930s. His initial list named 32 villages.

In October 2013, researchers identified 53 civil parishes in England and Wales from which all soldiers returned.

Apart from High Toynton and Minting, only two other Lincolnshire villages are included - Bigby and Flixborough.