Horncastle Town Council plans to ‘freeze’ precept


Horncastle Town Council is set to freeze its share of Council Tax bills this year - despite a whopping 32 per cent cut in district council funding.

Town councillors met last night (Tuesday) to finalise their budget for the coming 12 months.



The council’s finance committee recommended freezing the precept - the amount authority’s need to cover expenditure.

All town and parish council’s receive a grant from the district council to help balance the books.

The News can reveal ELDC has cut its funding to town and parish council’s by 32 per cent.

That, in turn, follows a significant reduction in ELDC’s own grant funding from central Government.

Amanda Bushell, the town’s council’s finance officer, said they hoped to avoid an increase thanks to “significant savings.

She also said that the number of Band D properties - which council’s use as part of a complicated funding formula - had increased in Horncastle.

That will general extra revenue to offset the district council cut.

Despite the town council’s efforts, council tax bills are still set to increase because of expected rises imposed by the County Council, District Council and the Lincolnshire Police Authority.