Horncastle Town Council introduces new plans to control bridge advertising


New controls are officially being brought in to control which advertising banners can be displayed in Horncastle town centre.

The Town Council has worked with the Highways Department at Lincolnshire County Council to develop a scheme which will restrict the number and type of banners that can appear on the town bridge near the Bull Ring.

Banners will now be restricted to advertising local events by local charities and non-commercial groups.

The scheme is being trailed from 1 April for six months.

Any local charity or non-commercial group wanting to advertise an event has to complete a form from the Town Council.

The form can be found on the Town Council website or can be obtained by emailing the town clerk at info@horncastletowncouncil.co.uk

During March, the County Council will remove all the current commercial banners on the bridge ready for the start of the scheme.

Town clerk Gillian Mauger said: “Any charity or non-commercial group which has an event happening prior to April 1 is welcome to display a banner on the bridge without completing the form.

“It would be appreciated if they informed the Town Council that they were displaying a banner.”

It is understood that any banners put up without permission after April 1 will be removed by the County Council and a charge could be imposed.

The new measures have been brought in after the Town Council regularly received complaints,

*Anyone who requires further details should contact the Town Clerk on 01507 522957 or via info@horncastletowncouncil.co.uk