Horncastle Town Council could lose out in homes bid

Louth Road Horncastle housing plans
Louth Road Horncastle housing plans

Planning officers are recommending a scheme for five new homes in Horncastle goes ahead - despite objections from the town council.

The new homes would be built on a site adjacent to 48 Louth Road.

Apart from the town council, two residents at neighbouring properties have written to ELDC opposing the plans.

However, East Lindsey District Council’s planning officer Andy Allen is recommending the application should be approved.

A decision will be made at a meeting of ELDC’s planning committee in Skegness tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

Town councillors have raised three main objections to the scheme including

*potential problems with the: proposed access road including the width of the route

*the number of dwellings is excessive for the size of the site

*the plans do not take into account drainage and sewage issues -or the impact on existing systems.

In a report, Mr Allen notes the various concerns but points out the County Council highways Department did not object to the access route.

There are no objections from the Witham Third Internal Drainage Board, or from Natural England.

Residents at a neighbouring property say they are concerned about an increase in parking, particularly at busy times on school days.

The same resident also points out separate plans for more than 80 new homes further along 
Louth Road are in the pipeline, leading to an increase in road safety concerns.

Another resident raises concerns about a loss of privacy.

There are also claims that established trees were taken down at the site, without permission.

If the scheme gets the go ahead, existing buildings would be removed.

An initial application was withdrawn last year following concerns from planning officers

The applicant is a Mr A Hare.