Horncastle Police urged to enforce traffic regulations in Wharf Road


Police in Horncastle have promised to enforce one-way regulations in a busy Horncastle street.

Town councillors said at a meeting last week that they were concerned about the number of cars and cycles travelling the “wrong way” along Wharf Road.

Councillor Linda Baker said she had seen cars and bikes turning off the Bull Ring towards the town’s library.

She added offenders appeared to be ignoring no-entry signs at the junction of Wharf Road with the Bull Ring.

She also questioned whether owners of mobility scooters had to follow traffic regulations.

Coun Baker said she had witnessed the owner of a scooter riding up the middle of Church Lane, directly against the legal flow of traffic.

PCSO Nigel Wass said officers did speak to anyone who failed to follow the regulations.

He said there was a problem regarding Wharf Road and Church Lane because the route was not recognised as one way on most satellite navigation systems.

He said: “It is a problem for people who don’t know the town. They have their attention of their sat nav and don’t see the road signs.

“We will speak to anyone who is driving the wrong way. If we feel more robust action needs to be taken, then we will.”

PCSO Wass said cyclists needed to observe the one-way system but admitted the issue regarding mobility scooters was not as clear cut.

He added: “If there is a problem regarding safety then we will have a word. A lot of it is down to a common sense approach.”

Councillors said that cyclists riding the ‘wrong way’ around the corner outside the Horncastle News office were putting themselves in a dangerous situation.