Horncastle plan is praised as ‘one of the best’ around

The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan
The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan

Horncastle is set to become the first town in East Lindsey to have a Neighbourhood Development Plan officially adopted.

The plan has moved a step closer to being ratified after being approved by an independent examiner - and with flying colours.

ELDC’s Planning Policy Manager Anne Shorland told last week’s Town Council meeting that the Steering Group responsible for the plan should be proud of their efforts.

She said the examiner had reported the plan - which could hold a key to future development in the town - was one of the best he had seen.

Ms Shorland said: “You should bask in your glory!”

The inspector has made some slight modifications to the wording of some policies in the plan and they will go before ELDC’s on February 24 for approval.

In his report, the inspector said: “The Plan meets the requirement to plan positively for growth. The Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in particular are to be congratulated on their efforts.”

Ms Shorland revealed the Horncastle plan was already being used by council officers when they considered new planning applications for the town. She said that provided the plan passes a public referendum - provisionally arranged for April - it would carry ‘significant weight’ in determining planning applications in Horncastle.

There has been opposition from some residents about some details of the plan. Before Ms Shorland’s presentation, ex-town councillor Riuchard Barker was involved in a verbal spat with councillors over some of the policies.