Horncastle Neighbourhood Development plan is ‘close’ to being completed


Horncastle’s long-awaited Neighbourhood Development Plan is ahead of schedule and on course to be completed by the end of the year.

That is the positive message from committee members involved in the project, which will have a major role to play in future developments in the town.

Town councillor and committee member Rosie Williams said the final draft document was close to being completed.

A public referendum will then take place at some stage this winter, giving residents the chance to vote on the contents of the document.

It will then go before East Lindsey District Council to be officially ratified.

The Horncastle plan will then ‘sit alongside’ ELDC’s own Development Plan with both documents being utilised to control development in the Horncastle area.

One of the crucial areas will be identifying possible sites for housing developments - and the number of new homes needed in the town.

It covers a wide range of other issues including the possibility of creating lorry and coach parks.

Coun Williams also revealed the committee was keen to see a new footpath developed - completely encircling the town.

She said it would be linked to existing paths.

She also suggested developers behind new housing schemes could cover some of the costs of the path via Section 106 agreements.

Coun Williams was speaking after questions were raised about the Development Plan during a public forum at a town council meeting last week.

Resident Richard Barker said he had concerns about the financial implications of the project.

However, Coun Williams said two grants would cover much of the work and stressed ELDC would pay the £10,000 bill for the referendum.