Horncastle loses Citizens Advice


Horncastle’s Citizens Advice office has closed - because not enough people were using it.

Information assistants had run a ‘Micro Centre’ for the last four years at the town’s Methodist Church.

It was open on Mondays from 11am-1pm and allowed clients access to information, advice and many other community services.

However, there was no direct advice available, meaning people had to travel to larger centres in Skegness, Boston, Louth or Lincoln.

A spokesman for the CAB said: “We would have loved to keep the centre open but it just wasn’t viable.

“It is a shame but there weren’t enough people coming through the doors.”

The spokesman explained that in many cases, staff referred people onto larger centres and made appointments.

They added: “Perhaps people were put off by the fact there was no-one to speak to directly about things like debt advice.

“We always offered them what help we could, or made appointments at other centres where specialist advisors are available.

“People will have to travel to use the service now but we could not keep going.”