Horncastle KO’s plans for new CCTV scheme

County Councillor Bill Aron who has attended key meetings about CCTV meetings
County Councillor Bill Aron who has attended key meetings about CCTV meetings

Horncastle Town Council has refused to sign up to controversial new plans to run the district’s CCTV operation.

East Lindsey District Council is planning to transfer the control room from Skegness to Boston as part of on-going plans to save money.

The plans involve seven towns who rely on the district council-run scheme - including Horncastle.

However, town councillors have hit out, saying they have concerns about the proposals.

They voted to reject the scheme ‘as it stands’ - even though there are fears it could leave the town without CCTV coverage.

At a recent meeting, councillors raised several issues including the actual cost of maintaining the CCTV cameras.

There are also worries about whether the new wireless cameras will even work in Horncastle, which is a notoriously poor area for internet speed.

Councillors also agreed that they needed more information about the plans - before deciding whether to commit to the project.

They also raised fears that staff in the control room would have to watch ‘too many cameras’ - effectively making the service ineffective,.

Councillor Bill Aron said he had represented Horncastle at a meeting with the other town councils to discuss the proposals. 
He said those other councils shared Horncastle’s concerns.

He revealed they had drawn up a list of 24 ‘bullet points’ to present to ELDC highlighting the many concerns.

Councillor Fiona Martin, who is a district councillor, pledged to raise the concerns with ELDC.

Coun Matthew Wilkinson said: “How can we sign up for something that we don’t know enough about? We need more information.”