Horncastle homes - your say


Sarah Hill, 24, Horncastle: “I’m not against new homes in Horncastle but not hundreds. What about the schools and the health service? There’s no jobs either, where are all these people going to work?”

Eric Lovell, 67, Horncastle: “They are spoiling the town. New homes here and there is fine but not three or four hundred. We can’t cope now. Have you tried getting an appointment at the doctors? The bus service is rubbish.”

James Faulkner, 34, Horncastle: “I think Horncastle needs to grow and new housing would lead to new jobs. There’s nothing in the town for people like me, I’ve been out of work for four months now and it’s hard. My worry is that money needs to be spent on bigger schools and doctors.”

Ian Hammond, 54, Horncastle: “Why does the Government bother asking for people to comment? All these minsters just go and do what they want anyway. We don’t want the homes.

There’s no jobs. I suppose everybody will have to work in Lincoln which will just add to the jams. Don’t talk to me about buses. I’m waiting for one now and it’s 15 minutes late.”

Alison Miller, 32, Horncastle: “My kids are at local schools and that is a worry for me. They (the schools) are full now. Where are all these new children going to go? Also, where are all the people going to come from to buy these homes. There’s a lot for sale in Horncastle now. The Government can’t class Horncastle the same as places down south.”

Colin Deacon, 65, Horncastle: “Keep Horncastle as it is I say. It’s a lovely place. Why spoil it? Who is going to live in these homes?

If it’s the same as other developments in the town, we’ll get people they don;t want in other places.”

Amanda Jennings, 44, Horncastle: “The town can’t cope with so many homes. It needs to grow and we could do with a few new shops and a decent supermarket.

You worry about you kids’ education and the NHS - and the flooding.

My dad’s flooded twice. Will the drains cope with so many homes.”

Ally Jenkins, 17, Horncastle: “Horncastle needs something new. It’s dying as it is. There’s nothing to do and no jobs when you leave school. Me and my sister have to go to Lincoln every day to college and to work. It’s why all the young people are moving away.”

Paval Szernik, 29, Horncastle: “I’ve been here six months now and I like Horncastle. More homes would bring new people but who would buy them. They would be too expensive for most people. There just aren’t the jobs.”

Sue Holmes, 34, Horncastle: “I live close to Langton Hill and I can’t believe they’ve got the go ahead to build up here. It will spoil the town. You’ll see the houses from miles away. We need new homes but surely there’s better sites in the town.”

Alan Redfearn



‘It’s like everything else these days - it’s all about money.

The Government says build more houses so what have we got - more houses.

It doesn’t matter whether people want them or not.

Mind you, it will be interesting to see if all these are ever built.’

Andrew Collinson



‘The town can’t hope with so many new homes.

I’m sure the developers will promise to build new schools and a new doctors but will that ever happen.

I used to live near Coventry and they’ve spoiled all that area with massive estates which are now full of people of benefits because there’s no work.’

Alan Pearson



‘I bet the only people who want the houses are the Estate Agents.

But who are they going to sell them to?

All these new homes and the town comes close to flooding every time there’s a lot of rain.

You couldn’t make it up.’

Louise Reed



‘I hope they make these developers pay to improve things in the town, like the schools and the NHS.

Some new homes would be okay but not so many.’

Adam Grainger



I think the new homes isd a great idea.

This who area is getting left behind.

No wonder there aren’t jobs because the place is stuck in the past.

New homes, new invdestent, new jobs.

It would be great to see Horncastle grow, better roads and shops and things like a cinema.

It will get families into the area.’