Horncastle councillor gives allowance back to community with SID

County Councillor Bill Aron EMN-140318-101523001
County Councillor Bill Aron EMN-140318-101523001

Horncastle’s county councillor has revealed that he is spending some of his recent spending allowance on a speed indication device for the town.

Allowances for county councillors were increased last month to £10,100 from £8,184 and Bill Aron revealed that he would give all of his increase back to the community.

At last week’s Horncastle Town Council meeting Coun Aron revealed he is purchasing a speed indication device costing in the region of £1,600 and £2,000.

The devices provide a warning to drivers of their speed with an LED display which tells drivers how fast they are travelling.

They can also be purchased with or without and internal recording memory allowing parish members to download information on how often the device has been activated and at what speeds.

The device can easily be moved to different locations with the use of brackets, allowing it to be positioned along different roads in and around Horncastle as required.

Horncastle Town Council expressed their thanks to Coun Aron.

Coun Aron said: “These new reactive signs are the latest device available for those involved with community speed watch - part of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership programme - to help cut accidents and injury on our roads.

“Speeding and the perception of speed is one of the main issues raised at many of the parish council meetings I attend and by providing this equipment from my councillor allowance it will benefit a lot of communities - Horncastle for example has five main approach roads to the town and areas such as Stanhope Road where a SID would help reduce speed.”