Help on way to ease Foundry Street parking


Extra parking spaces could be created in a Horncastle street following complaints from residents and calls for action from town councillors.

People living in Foundry Street say they are unable to leave vehicles outside their own homes because of a shortage of parking places.

They claim they used to park on land adjacent to the Fire Station which is based in Foundry Street.

However, that land has been turned into a car park for use by fire station staff.

Bollards have been erected, stopping vehicles from parking on other sections of the site.

At a town council meeting two months ago, a deputation from Foundry Street called for a ‘residents only’ parking system to be introduced.

However, councillors did not support the idea, pointing out permits - which residents would have to pay for - would not guarantee a parking place.

Now, Horncastle’s County Councillor Bill Aron has revealed Highways officials had visited Foundry Street with a view to creating extra parking spaces.

Coun Aron said there were no details of how many additional spaces would be created or when work would be carried out.

He added: “At least, Highways are aware of the problem and they are talking about a few 
extra places. That would be better than nothing.”

Town council chairman Coun Brian Burbidge said he was sure residents would welcome any extra parking and added it was pleasing that Highways had reacted positively. He asked Coun Aron to obtain more information and report back to this month’s town council meeting.

Coun Aron did confirm any work would be subject to budget restraints and played down major changes.

Coun Stott suggested a solution would be to make Foundry Street one-way which would allow what he described as ‘diagonal’ parking bays - rather than the current system of parking parallel to the pavement.

He said the cost of implementing his idea was an issue and admitted many residents might not be in favour of a one-way system.

Town and district councillor Fiona Martin supported the move not to introduce ‘residents only’ parking.

She added she was aware of one residents’ scheme in the district, but that was close to a public car park which could accommodate extra vehicles.

Coun Martin said: “That is not the case with Foundry Street. People would pay (for a permit) and there might not be room to park.”

Coun Martin was backed by Coun Angela Birchall who said a residents scheme would ‘open up a can of worms.’

A Foundry Street resident was at the town council meeting and said many people were still angry at the loss of the car park next to the Fire Station.