Green light for speed limit reduction

Linwood EMN-180518-141307001
Linwood EMN-180518-141307001

Lincolnshire County Council has voted to cut the speed limit on the B1202 through Linwood after a campaign by residents.

The LCC planning and regulation committee approved a request to reduce the speed limit from 40 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour through the village.

An officer’s report to the committee said speed survey equipment at two locations along the road measured mean speeds of 31 and 35 mph.

And it said reported injury accidents over the last five years amounted to one serious and seven slight incidents.

The average mean traffic speed on the road lies within 3 mph of the level required to justify a 30 mph speed 

The officer’s report stated: “It can therefore be considered as a borderline case and the Committee may approve the initiation of the speed limit order process by which the existing 40 mph speed limit can be reduced to 30 mph.”

The report - written by Jeanne Gibson on behalf of executive director for environment and economy, Richard Wills - said the local LCC member for the area was in full support of this speed limit reduction.

The council also voted to cut the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the A18 at Great Limber.

The officer’s recommendation to the committee stated: “That the Committee approves the reduction in speed limit at both locations so that the necessary consultation process to bring this into effect may be 

The report concluded: “Under the normal criteria set out in the council’s speed limit policy these two locations would not be considered eligible for a reduction in speed limit.

“As borderline cases however the Planning and Regulation Committee can approve a departure from the criteria where appropriate.”

Speaking at Market Rasen Town Council’s June meeting, Lincolnshire County Council ward member for Market Rasen Coun Lewis Strange said: “After meeting with your vice chairman and residents of the ridings, I have asked our head of county planning Mr Andy Guthersone to have a look at the outline application for 150 houses passed in June of 2016, the problem being of access to the site, and the possible blight to residents.

“He will be replying to our 30 mph request for Linwood passed through county planning last Monday, which we have pushed for.”