Feathers fly as Percy and pals win backing

Percy the pigeon nin Horncastle Market Place EMN-160403-152427001
Percy the pigeon nin Horncastle Market Place EMN-160403-152427001

Feathers are flying in Horncastle over calls from the town council for people to stop feeding the town’s ‘problem’ pigeons.

Councillors issued the appeal through the Horncastle News after expressing concerns about the damage and amount of mess the pigeons are causing.

They claim that people feeding birds are leading to an increase in the pigeon population.

Councillors have previously ruled out other suggestions to control the number of birds, including putting them on the pill or bringing in trained hawks to kill them.

The council was supported by the town’s History and Heritage Society and the local Federation of Small Businesses.

Some residents also backed the council but several others say the birds should be left alone.

And one pigeon – dubbed Percy by locals after taking up residence in the town centre – appears to have his very own fan club.

Pensioner Sylvia Petfield told the News: “I know the pigeons do cause damage to buildings but surely there are more important things to worry about in this town.

“Percy is a real character. He’s lovely. He walks up and down the High Street and he’s not causing any one a problem.

“All my friends think he should be left alone. “

Irene Randall (74) added: “I haven’t seen Percy for a while. I hope it’s because of the cold weather. I’d hate to think anything has happened to him.”

Karen Archer said she was also a fan of Percy.

She added: “He’s become a regular sight in the town centre and I don’t know how someone hasn’t trod on him.

“You seem him around most days and I’ve seen people giving him bits of bread or even the odd chip or two.

“I think he’s also partial to pizza but he he doesn’t like donner kebabs.”

Alan Thompson, however, claimed that pigeons are an increasing hazard and should be controlled.

He added: “They do cause a mess – and they’re a health hazard. If I see people feeding them, I tell them off.

“You’ve only got to look at the mess the pigeons make. I read the other day that they are culling gulls in Whitby and Bridlington. They ought to do the same here.”

The council is asking for ideas from residents about controlling the numbers of pigeons.