Faulty lights spark safety fears

Police have resorted to helping people at night see their way trhough Prospect Park by torchlight EMN-161124-160735001
Police have resorted to helping people at night see their way trhough Prospect Park by torchlight EMN-161124-160735001

Officials have vowed to repair faulty street and footpath lights in Horncastle amid claims they are a major hazard to public safety.

People have complained about lights not working in a number of areas.

One of the worst affected is the footpath between Tesco car park and Prospect Street.

The situation is so bad that police officers have been using torches to escort people across a stretch of parkland.

Town-based PCSO Nigel Wass said two lights were not working, leaving the section of pathway in pitch black.

He told the News: “It is very dangerous. The path is very well used and is a recognised cut through from Prospect Street to Tesco.

“But there are trees very close to the path and also a grassy area, which is very slippy under foot.

“In the dark, it would be easy for someone to just stray off the path and suffer an accident.

“I’ve been down there a few times and helped people with a torch, but obviously there is only so much you can do.”

PCSO Wass confirmed he had reported the faulty lights to the county council on at least a couple of occasions.

He was backed by residents Annie Moore (74) and John Atkinson (67), who live in the Prospect Street area.

Mrs Moore said: “I’ve used that path for years, but I’ve stopped now. You don’t feel safe. There are quite often some youths hanging around in that area.

“We all appreciate what the police do, but they can’t be in all places all of the time.”

Mr Atkinson said he could not understand why the lights had not been repaired.

He said: “They’ve been faulty for ages and have been reported often enough.

“Why we pay our rates I don’t know. It’s the usual –Horncastle is at the end of the list for everything.”

Richard Miler, who lives off Spilsby Road, said a number of lights were not working in his neighbourhood.

Alan Bond, of Boston Road, complained about new energy-saving lights which had been installed close to his home.

He claimed the county council would have been ‘better using candles’.

Richard Hardesty, senior project leader for major schemes at the council, said: “Our street lighting crew was in Horncastle repairing street lights last week.

“Those being investigated for repair include street lights between Prospect Street and Tesco car park.

“Unfortunately, an underground supply cable fault has been identified as the cause and has had to be passed to the energy supplier to investigate.”