Excellent work earns PM’s praise for Louth and Horncastle MP

Victoria Atkins speaks out in Parliament EMN-150907-113118001
Victoria Atkins speaks out in Parliament EMN-150907-113118001

Prime Minister David Cameron has piled the praise on Louth and Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins - adding to growing speculation that she could in line for a top Government post.

Mr Cameron broke off from his summer holidays to tell the Louth Leader he is ‘hugely impressed’ by what Ms Atkins has achieved after succeeding the redoubtable Sir Peter Tapsell.

In what is seen by many as an unprecedented move by a Prime Minster, Mr Cameron says Louth and Horncastle is assured of a ‘strong voice’ in Parliament.

The PM said: “Sir Peter Tapsell was always going to be a hard act to follow but I have been hugely impressed by what Victoria Atkins has achieved so far.

“Already she has lobbied on many issues from better broadband in rural areas to support for our coastal communities. She was very active in the support of our reforms which will give local communities the final say over planning decisions for new onshore wind turbines.

“Louth and Horncastle have a strong voice in Westminster with Victoria Atkins as their Member of Parliament.”

The comments highlight the enormous impact Ms Atkins has made in Government circles.

She was elected as an MP for the first time just three months ago.

Since then, Ms Atkins has been a leading figure in the campaign to improve broadband services across Lincolnshire.

She has also raised the issue of the successful Academy ‘alliance’ between Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School and Banovallum School.

On local issues, Ms Atkins says she is keeping a ‘close eye’ on major new housing developments.

She created something of a stir within days of arriving at Westminster when she elected to the Home Affairs Select Committee.

It is one of the most powerful committees in Parliament, dealing with a raft of important issues including national security.

Traditionally, MP’s have to wait years for membership of such an influential body - rather than days.

Before becoming an MP, Ms Atkins was a successful barrister, involved in a number of high-profile cases.

There is no doubt that background has helped her make such a favourable impression at Westminster.

One political source close told the News said he believed she was one of the ‘brightest prospects’ in the Conservative party.

He added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if she is heading for a cabinet position in the future. For the PM to single her out for praise so soon is remarkable,”

David Andrews, Chairman of Louth and Horncastle Conservatives, said: “It is tremendous Vicky has made such an impact in her first few months.

“The words from the Prime Minister are very heartening, but not a surprise.

“As her colleague in the constituency I know all about her campaigning skills and passion for the community.”