Mike Beecham EMN-140417-150055001
Mike Beecham EMN-140417-150055001

Mike Beecham was born in Lincolnshire and has lived in Hemingby for the last 11 years.

He has worked in the IT industry for nearly 40 years and has run his own software development company since 2003.

He says that if elected, he will bring his own business experience - and ‘UKIP common sense’ - to all local issues within ELDC.

He points out that unlike other parties, UKIP does not have a ‘whip’ system, allowing councillors to have a free vote according to their own - and constituents’ - wishes.

Mr Beecham says he will be promoting the things most people want, including cutting excessive council spending and salaries. He says savings could be used to protect and improve frontline services.

He also wants to abolish non-essential and politically correct posts and pledges to campaign to stop new wind farms being built in the area.

Mr Beecham goes on to say he will target four key areas - flooding, parking, the local economy and planning.

He describes parking in Horncastle as ‘chaotic’ and says he wants to see a free hour introduced to encourage people to visit the town.

On planning, Mr Beecham is calling for local people to have a bigger say about what is built - and where.