ELDC hits back at RAC


East Lindsey District Council has hit back at claims that it made a £1.6m ‘profit’ from car parking last year.

The figures were included in a report by the RAC which showed local authorities across the country generated £667m from day-to-day parking operations.

In a statement, ELDC said: “Car parking income makes up a significant proportion of the Council’s annual budget for providing services to local people.

“However, it is important to understand that ‘operating costs’ for car parks are more than just a meter; you also have maintenance and repairs, business rates, waste disposal and litter picking.

“In some cases there is also lighting, CCTV and toilet facilities to be factored in. This type of expenditure isn’t included within the figures calculated by the RAC.

“East Lindsey is a busy district with an economy based on tourism, which sees millions of people visiting the area each year.

“The council operates 57 car parks in total - more than most other councils. The parking tariffs available represent good value for money