‘Double’ election for Horncastle voters

What's on in Horncastle EMN-171101-140135001
What's on in Horncastle EMN-171101-140135001

Horncastle Town Council could save money after being told it can stage an election on the same day as the General Election (June 8).

The town council was facing a bill for £6,500 to fund the cost of election to replace Jonathan Ferrari who resigned earlier this year.

At one stage, the town council had hoped to co-opt a replacement but ten residents wrote to ELDC, calling for an election.

The town council understood the election would be held on June 15 but ELDC has confirmed it can be held alongside the General Election on June 8.

An ELDC spokesman said: “The date for the town by-election was originally set for June 15.

“Since the announcement of the Parliamentary election, it has been agreed by the Returning Officer to hold the by-election on the same day (June 8).

“There will still be costs associated with the by-election for the town council. As it is taking place on the same day as the Parliamentary election, the costs will be less but the exact amount can only be confirmed after the election.”

A minimum of two candidates are required for the town council election to be called. If no candidates come forward, the process of calling an election could potentially continue every 35 days for the next two years, when the next town council elections are due to be held.

Each time an election is called, the town council faces a bill of £48.50 to cover costs. If the process did continue for two years, the town council would have to find £1,000, in addition to £6,500 for an election.

If only one candidate comes forward, an election would not be required.