Dominic sees off rivals to win place on town council

Councillor Dominic Hinkins.
Councillor Dominic Hinkins.

Dominic Hinkins won a three-way fight to fill a vacancy on Horncastle Town Council.

Mr Hinkins saw off the challenge of Richard Barker and a third candidate who was referred to as ‘Mr Strange.’

Councillors took a vote at last Tuesday’s monthly meeting. Mr Hinkins secured six votes, Mr Barker three and Mr Strange two.

Mr Hinkins will serve until next May when all councillors are up for election.

In a statement, Mr Hinkins said: “I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been co-opted as a member of Horncastle Town Council.

“The way I see it, this will give me six months to establish a record as your representative, before I stand again in a fair fight next year.

“My thanks to the councillors who invited me to join them.

“I haven’t yet been sworn in and inducted to the mysteries of the council - I won’t attend my first official meeting until October - but I will be keeping my eyes and ears open, so get in touch or approach me if there are any issues you want raising on your behalf. “

In a letter supporting his application, Mr Hinkins 
confirmed he is a member of 
several local societies and groups, including the town’s theatre and its youth sections.

He adds he has a strong interest in local history and tradition and in particular an interest in planning matters.