District councils to be abolished if Lincolnshire County Council plan to save £150m gets go-ahead

Lincolnshire County Council news.
Lincolnshire County Council news.

Residents in Lincolnshire will be asked for their views on abolishing all eight councils in Lincolnshire and adopting a unitary system of governance.

The current two-tier system that currently exists in Lincolnshire comprises one county council and seven district councils.

Subject to the approval of Lincolnshire County Council, a poll will be held at the same time as the May local government elections, asking the public whether they agree that Lincolnshire should have a unitary system of governance.

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Cllr Martin Hill said: “The current system of councils in Lincolnshire is one we can no longer afford. A unitary model has successfully been adopted in many areas of the country and has proved to be simpler, better for services, more local and most importantly - costs less to run.

“I believe the current system is complicated, wasteful and no longer financially sustainable. Without change, important local services are already being reduced and even cut entirely.”

A unitary system in Lincolnshire could save up to £150m in the first five years - money that could be used to improve local services and keep council tax down according to the county council.