Decision is in, out...shake it all about in Woodhall Spa

Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa
Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa Parish Council is set to perform yet another U-turn and hand control of Jubilee Park to a company it sidelined just two weeks ago.

The council has confirmed it will hold an extraordinary meeting tonight (Wednesday) when councillors will be asked to rescind a controversial vote they took just two weeks ago.

The council had been planning to hand control of the park to directors of a new charitable company who claim they had widespread community support.

However, directors of the company walked away from 18 months of negotiations after councillors voted to retain a vital clause in a proposed lease agreement.

The clause would have given the council some control over future planning applications.

It is claimed councillors had previously agreed to remove the clause and effectively broke their own rules and regulations by voting for a second time or even third time.

Now, they are set to vote again following strong criticism of the initial process.

That criticism was led by Craig Leyland, deputy leader of East Lindsey District Council and a ward member for Woodhall Spa.

Speaking at a meeting last week, Coun Leyland said he had taken legal advice from ELDC’s monitoring officers about the voting process.

He claimed the council had previously voted to remove the clause on at least two occasions but had then taken another vote - this time to ditch it.

The saga has led to the resignation of three prominent councillors - Tim Peacock, David Hill and Jo Nelstrop - and park manager Joe Stanhope.

Coun Leyland said the process made a “mockery of natural justice” and had led to a rift in Woodhall.