Deadline approaching for libraries consultation

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People have a week left to share their ideas for making savings within the County Council’s library services.

Alternative proposals for how a comprehensive and efficient library service could be provided within the council’s reduced budget must be submitted by 31 October.

Around 100 responses have already been received during this period of consultation, which builds upon the work that took place last year.

Councillor Nick Worth, Executive Member for Libraries, said: “We’ve had a range of ideas put forward over the last few weeks.

“One suggestion was to get rid of library buildings altogether and just provide a mobile service in all areas.

“We’ve also had a number people saying we should charge for books. However, that’s something we’re not allowed to do under law.

“There’s still time to share your ideas, but the deadline is looming. So if you want to put forward a proposal, please complete the survey.”

The quickest and easiest way to submit your proposals is by filling in the online form at, where you can also find details of the council’s own proposal.

Alternatively, you can take part at your local library or by calling the customer service centre on Freephone 0800 022 4966 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Any other questions about taking part in the consultation can be sent to

It is expected that the executive will take a fresh decision on the future of the library service in February 2015.